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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

How to make no Spam doorway pages

You might have heard about doorway pages and discarded it as it is considered as Spam. But do you know that this doorway pages could bring you lots of traffic only if you know how to do it and how to do it right. You might be optimizing your site constantly for all the competitive keywords. Have you ever thought that there are lots of keywords, which are not so competitive? Choose the keywords, which get less then 10 hits per day.

Yo could plan your doorway websites with 100 to 500 pages. Use high KEI keywords keywords as the major focus for your article pages. Use 1 keyword per page. Prepare good content so that it gives something important to its visitors. Add constant number of pages each day, 3-4 pages would be perfect. Build back links for the site and don't remember to have rss feeds for your doorway pages site.

You could get the high KEI keywords with the use of software like webceo and webposition gold. KEI is relationship between number of searches per day determined by wordtracker or overture tools and number of results in the search engines. These keywords will not bring you the exact traffic you want but it will always bring you the targeted traffic.

The key to great doorway page site is good number of high KEI keywords, great content and in turn a great traffic generator website. If you target 500 keywords with 5 clicks per keywords, you would be able to get 2500 visitors per day.

Monday, May 02, 2005

Directory Submission: Is it important?

What are web directories? Web directories are the place where a Webmaster or a seo submits his site details and keywords to get it added in the same. Visitors search these directories to get human edited relevant sites.

This is not the only function of the directories but these directories are constantly being crawled by search engines for new and good urls. Most of the directories give your website a one way link which adds to the popularity of your website for search engines. What more you want, most of these are free. However, some do require a small payment or a reciprocal link but it is worth it.

Back links are the most important part of seo and these website give a lot of weight to your site in this regard with one-way link. Most of the directories allow links in nearly all the topics, but some directories specialize to specific topics too. Directories are one of the most important elements in the hierarchy of the Internet.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Difference between Overture and Google pay per click programs.

Google and overture are both pay per click programs but they differ in functionalities and a different approach is required in working with each of them. Lets have a look at the major difference between Google and Overture pay per click programs:

# One could change their ad instantly with Google Adwords where as in Overture, there is a wait period of 3-7 days.
# Google lets advertisers to rotate their ads and target specific countries.
# There is no rewards or penalization with overture for good and irrelevant ads respectively whereas it is not so with Google
# Overture reviews each and every advertisement hence a delay of 3-7 days.
# Overture maximum bids is fixed where as with Google there is all chances that you might have to pay less then you have bid for the ads.

I am not sure which of the above 2 systems are better. I would suggest, you to try both of them and which ever works for you is best.

Saturday, April 30, 2005

What is Sleaze or Viral marketing?

Sleaze or Viral marketing is the cheapest way of marketing and it works well too. Lets have a look at how some companies go for these types of marketing. These companies hire experts in certain fields. Say for example a video games company will hire people who have a good understanding of the video games. Lets see how these people work.

This Sleaze marketing personals go out and get themselves involved in the chat or blogs and try to insulate them into it completely and gain trust of the community. Then happens the real thing. One fine day in one of their postings, they mention about the product they recently tried with excitement of the benefits they received. They do it very diplomatically and there goes the punch. The whole community goes out, tries this new product, and hence mission accomplished.

Slowly web is becoming a place where it is hard to believe somebody. Ideas of the people on the net are not to be believed with closed eyes. A thorough research should be done before falling into trap of these Sleaze marketers. Now there could be other side of the coin too. Some company could use these Sleaze marketing techniques to malign the image of certain brand which belongs to there competitors. What one should do in this scenario? Either jump into it or FEAR, FEAR and FEAR.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Why your business needs private or internal blog?

With the advancement of technology, new ways evolve which make communication simpler them before. Here we would see how a blog could be used in effective way in internal business communication effectively.

Every company has number of personnel, contractors, and partners, suppliers where communication is required on a daily basis. The avenues for communication used now are generally emails and phone. A blog makes working of people in a group easier then the above 2 mediums as it streamlines the interactions thus saves time and energy.

In this private blog, information and tips could be stored that could be readily accessed which is not possible with static emails. The minute details of a meeting, latest price list, project details are a few information that could go into these blogs. It could also contain relevant links, which could be used as reference for further information.

The messages in blogs are dated and searchable which makes it even more powerful then other modes of communications. Just try it once and I am sure you would be overwhelmed by its simplicity and usefulness.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Link Popularity (Quick article)

What is link popularity?
Link popularity is the total number of pages that link to your pages. Many search engine consider links as a vote from one website to other. The linking website considers the linked website to be a good source of information for their visitors hence the importance of a website increases with number of links pointing towards it. Link popularity in recent times has become one of the major working areas in search engine optimization. Lets look at the factors which determines success of your link popularity:

1. Relevancy
An incoming link will be considered more important if it is coming from the same industry. If you have a website related to PHP programming then links from any programming, software company, computer hardware company or even your competitors websites will be considered relevant.

2. Anchor text
Anchor text is another factor, which is considered important in the link building campaign. Make sure that anchor text you are using best describes your website. For example, "Free php scripts".

3. Quality
High quality or high PR website links are considered more important then a low PR website. Hence, try to have a good mix of high and low PR links for effective rankings.