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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Link Popularity (Quick article)

What is link popularity?
Link popularity is the total number of pages that link to your pages. Many search engine consider links as a vote from one website to other. The linking website considers the linked website to be a good source of information for their visitors hence the importance of a website increases with number of links pointing towards it. Link popularity in recent times has become one of the major working areas in search engine optimization. Lets look at the factors which determines success of your link popularity:

1. Relevancy
An incoming link will be considered more important if it is coming from the same industry. If you have a website related to PHP programming then links from any programming, software company, computer hardware company or even your competitors websites will be considered relevant.

2. Anchor text
Anchor text is another factor, which is considered important in the link building campaign. Make sure that anchor text you are using best describes your website. For example, "Free php scripts".

3. Quality
High quality or high PR website links are considered more important then a low PR website. Hence, try to have a good mix of high and low PR links for effective rankings.


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