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Saturday, April 30, 2005

What is Sleaze or Viral marketing?

Sleaze or Viral marketing is the cheapest way of marketing and it works well too. Lets have a look at how some companies go for these types of marketing. These companies hire experts in certain fields. Say for example a video games company will hire people who have a good understanding of the video games. Lets see how these people work.

This Sleaze marketing personals go out and get themselves involved in the chat or blogs and try to insulate them into it completely and gain trust of the community. Then happens the real thing. One fine day in one of their postings, they mention about the product they recently tried with excitement of the benefits they received. They do it very diplomatically and there goes the punch. The whole community goes out, tries this new product, and hence mission accomplished.

Slowly web is becoming a place where it is hard to believe somebody. Ideas of the people on the net are not to be believed with closed eyes. A thorough research should be done before falling into trap of these Sleaze marketers. Now there could be other side of the coin too. Some company could use these Sleaze marketing techniques to malign the image of certain brand which belongs to there competitors. What one should do in this scenario? Either jump into it or FEAR, FEAR and FEAR.


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