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Friday, April 29, 2005

Why your business needs private or internal blog?

With the advancement of technology, new ways evolve which make communication simpler them before. Here we would see how a blog could be used in effective way in internal business communication effectively.

Every company has number of personnel, contractors, and partners, suppliers where communication is required on a daily basis. The avenues for communication used now are generally emails and phone. A blog makes working of people in a group easier then the above 2 mediums as it streamlines the interactions thus saves time and energy.

In this private blog, information and tips could be stored that could be readily accessed which is not possible with static emails. The minute details of a meeting, latest price list, project details are a few information that could go into these blogs. It could also contain relevant links, which could be used as reference for further information.

The messages in blogs are dated and searchable which makes it even more powerful then other modes of communications. Just try it once and I am sure you would be overwhelmed by its simplicity and usefulness.


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