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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Difference between Overture and Google pay per click programs.

Google and overture are both pay per click programs but they differ in functionalities and a different approach is required in working with each of them. Lets have a look at the major difference between Google and Overture pay per click programs:

# One could change their ad instantly with Google Adwords where as in Overture, there is a wait period of 3-7 days.
# Google lets advertisers to rotate their ads and target specific countries.
# There is no rewards or penalization with overture for good and irrelevant ads respectively whereas it is not so with Google
# Overture reviews each and every advertisement hence a delay of 3-7 days.
# Overture maximum bids is fixed where as with Google there is all chances that you might have to pay less then you have bid for the ads.

I am not sure which of the above 2 systems are better. I would suggest, you to try both of them and which ever works for you is best.


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